Wednesday, June 14, 2006

printed shirts

there's something about birds and branches that i can't seem to get away from...swallow and tree shirt

Tineke's b-day shirt

bird branch t-shirt
these were all for craftster swaps or presents. fortunately i still have all the screens so printing on anything is pretty easy. i haven't quite figured out the right way to print on paper yet though...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

here is a short history of my vinyl creations

the first bird and branch wristlet

the second bird and branch wristlet

branches and leaves pouchvinyl pouch for animegirlie

one little whalewhale pouch

a tree with blossoms purse
vinyl tree blossom purse

and the latest bird and branch wristlet (these seem to be popular!)vinyl wristlet for batgirl

i'm hoping to do more custom stuff and orders from the public, but i don't really have the resources to set up any type of online business at this point. email me at if you're interested in ordering something.