Monday, January 07, 2008

up and running

so i finally jumped on the ETSY bandwagon and opened a shop. i've only posted a couple of items at this point, but i'm hoping to find a little more motivation to make things in the near future. the warm spring weather is still a long way off around here. check the link up over there ------->


kalurah said...

Hey, I just found your beautiful scarf on the front page of etsy. Congrats! And welcome to etsy! :)

kalurah said...

It was in this Treasury, in case it's gone by the time you get to look at etsy. :D

k8kre8s said...

aaah! i tried that link, but it doesn't work now. i had tried searching through the treasury, but didn't get your email until a few days later. thanks so much for trying though, it would have been great to see my scarf in the company of other etsy stuff. ;)