Sunday, February 08, 2009

being an explorer of the world

a few months ago i was trolling around the local big box bookstore (shame on me, but it's in such a handy location at a major intersection where i frequently find myself needing to kill time). i pulled the book how to be an explorer of the world off of the shelf and decided it needed to come home with me. hey, it was cheaper than signing up for the $200 art class i really wanted to take.

one of the "explorations" suggested by the author keri smith involves making a note of colours in the world around you and then collecting a bunch of those tempting free paint chips from a hardware store (ie. making a trip to another local big box, this time to shamelessly pilfer supplies for the project) and then match them up with labels.

exploration #7

i am going to try to make an effort to at least pick up this book every weekend, in the hopes that my visual journal will get a little more attention. it's a very approachable, inspiring book: great for seasoned artists to shift focus, young folks to expand their creativity, and the artistically terrified to begin quieting the "you're not artistic" voice.

*ps. i don't know why flickr/blogger is cutting off the edge of my photos. if anyone knows, please enlighten me.*

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cait said...

sick at home. still in my pjs. 4pm. not planning on getting out of them until tomorrow. you are at yoga. being good. me likey the swatch colors. favourite- cherry blossoms. come on SPRING!